darning -- a system for managing software patch sequences/series.

Darning is a system (CLI and GUI - main window above) for managing a series of patches in a manner similar to quilt and the (original) Mercurial Queues (mq) extension to the Mercurial (hg) distributed source control management (SCM) tool which each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The aim of darning is to, where possible, produce a system which combines the strengths of quilt and mq and eliminates their weaknesses.


Darning is currently Alpha quality. The latest version is available for download at


This application requires python version 2.7 or later together with GNU patch or equivalent.


Source Control

The source for darning is hosted at and managed by the Mercurial (hg) version control system and may be accessed by:

hg clone

and may be viewed here.

Feature Requests

Requests for new features should be made here.


Bugs should be reported here. Logo